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As new tasty foods for dogs continue to enter the market, it's becoming easier for plaque and tartar to stick to their teeth. If left untreated, it can lead to cavities or periodontal disease.For the dog that's important to you, please put this product to good use. We also hope that while using our products, you get a chance to think about your own dental care situation.

Shizu-Ko Products

Mouth Spray Breath Clear

Mouth Spray "Breath Clear"

Toothbrushing liquid

Toothbrushing liquid

Toothbrushing powder For dogs

Fingers Toothbrush

Toothbrush Micro Head

Toothbrush "Micro Head"

Toothbrush Small Head

Toothbrush "Small Head"

Soft Toothbrush Small Head

Soft Toothbrush "Small Head"

Toothbrush Large Head

Toothbrush "Large Head"

Soft Toothbrush Large Head

Soft Toothbrush "Large Head"

Tooth brush

Tooth brush

Tooth Cleaner

Tooth Cleaner

Teeth Pick  Ⅰ  “SHARP”

Teeth Pick Ⅰ “SHARP”

Teeth Pick Ⅱ  “FLAT”

Teeth Pick Ⅱ “FLAT”

Scaler SHARP PRO Specification

Scaler “SHARP” PRO Specification

Scaler FLAT PRO Specification

Scaler “FLAT” PRO SpecificationScaler