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MIND UP Corp. is built upon the idea that human beings originally have the will to improve day by day, believing that today should be better than yesterday, and that tomorrow should be better than today. We do our best to maintain this spirit and strive toward the betterment of as many people's lives as possible.

We don't want to just create new products. We want to create new ways of thinking. With our products, we hope to not only meet every possible kind of demand, but to share with our customers the thrill of encountering fresh innovation.

Satoshi Yamamura,Representative Director and President

Corporate Profile

Company name MIND UP Corp.
Address 2-4-20, Shimoiida Kofu-shi, Yamanashi 400-0064 Japan
TEL +81-55-222-4618
FAX +81-55-222-4620
Our business The planning, development, manufacture and global distribution of pet products and supplies.
Mission Statement
"To bring the best out of people"
Company philosophy
・Better products through leading-edge innovation and adaptability
・The contribution to and betterment of society through the products and services we provide
・Enrichment of the lives of the people around us as well as the economy that affects us all